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Dedicated to music writing, printing and rendering
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Melody Assistant is a professional computer-assisted music creator that is recommended to music composers. It comes with a great deal of tools which allow you to easily write, play or print musical scores. The program includes a lot of musical instruments samples that you can include in your masterpieces. In addition to this, you are enabled to record your own sounds in order to use them as instruments.

Although, I’m not a music composing enthusiasts, I must admit that Melody Assistant managed to surprise me in a very pleasant way. Its ease of use can hardly be found in other similar programs. In only five minutes of testing the application, I was able to easily find the main features of the program and correctly use them. I appreciated that Melody Assistant comes with many predefined melodies and offers you access to their related scores, allowing you to make the necessary modifications.

The graphical user-interface of Melody Assistant is highly customizable. You can change practically everything: from buttons, toolbars or panels to the entire theme. Another thing I like about Melody Assistant is that it offers pop-up hints whenever you move the mouse cursor over a tool or score region. This compensates for the lack of a help manual. The program documentation is available only online.

Melody Assistant proves to be an efficient tool that can be easily used by both beginners and advanced music creators.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very complex application
  • Useful for music composers
  • Fair price
  • Highly customizable


  • The Help manual is available only online
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